My Second Half

The Second Half of me is strong, courageous, bright.
She lives inside my head where I seldom get it right.

She smiles with eternity, her future life assured
But in my daily day-to- day, everything is blurred.

“But why?” You ask? (I know it well. The answer might astound.)
Second Half floats heavenward, but feet are anchored to the ground.

“What?” You cry? “Why do you falter? Why do you live life so?”
And I reply, “I schlumpadink. That is my biggest woe.”

I forget just who I am. I wander aimlessly round about…
I linger on the off ramp while “Go.” is God’s big shout.

A schlumpadinka, a word that Oprah coined in jest.
It simply means a giving up, not looking like one’s best.

And so my Second Half  desperately cries out…
“Hear the Christ! Listen up! You’re so much more than that!”

And on I go, a schlumpadink clinging to the Christ;
Remembering that is enough. It always will suffice.

And slowly Second Half grows stronger, my feet lift an inch or two.
She whispers ever gently, “The Christ will see you through.”

From Whom the entire body, supplied and knit together by means of its joints and ligaments, grows with a growth that is from God.(Colossians 2:19,AMP)

Prayer – Lord when we falter, remind us of who we really are. Amen

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