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Jacob’s twelve sons and the meaning of their names. The Bible text talks!

1. Reuben—“Behold a son”

2. Simeon —“God hears”

3. Levi —“joined”

4. Judah — “Let him [God] be praised”

5. Dan —“judge”

6. Naphtali — “my wrestling”

7. Gad —“good fortune”

8. Asher— “happy”

9. Issachar—“man of hire”

10. Zebulun—“dwelling”

11. Joseph— “May God add”

12. Benjamin— “son of the right hand”

When you read them as a sentence, this is what it says.

Behold a son is born to us, one who hears and who is attached to us. Praise, Yahweh. He judged our struggle and brought us good fortune, happiness, reward, and honor. He added us to his family and called us sons of righteousness.

Consecrate them in the truth. Your word is truth. (John 17:17)

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