Non-Believer S. E. Cupp Impassioned Over Media Persecution of Believers

S. E. Cupp spoke with Sean Hannity Wednesday about her new release, Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity. What will likely surprise you is that S.E. Cupp is not a believer – in Jesus Christ, or in God. The title, Losing Our Religion, suggests ownership, yet Cupp says she has no ownership in our religion, that is, Christianity. But what she does have is ownership in a country of which 80% of its people claim to be Christian.

According to Hannity, Cupp lays out a definitive case that Christians are indeed under attack. In her interview, Cupp bashed the liberal media for their prejudiced reporting, sharing that The New York Times, for example, does not even review many Christian books, and therefore ignores a large segment of the American population. Cupp says we need a more responsible and representative press.

“It’s a really bad business model to go after 80% of the country,” says Cupp. “They actively attack the faith and values of the majority of this country. It’s got to stop.”

In her December 23, 2009 opinion column, Cupp wrote, “As an atheist myself, I like to think I adhere to the same Judeo-Christian values that most of religious America does. It’s an understanding of and a respect for these values that keeps me moral.” Cupp may not be much different from many in America – subscribing to a “Christian code of ethics” and thus recognizing there is a right and wrong, yet denying belief in a supernatural source of principle and instead ascribing morality to man as an inherent desire in all human beings. To which I’d like to ask her, “Who put that desire in the human heart?”

While I look forward to reading her book, I also look forward to seeing what God may do with this bright, young woman. Cupp brazenly declares she is an atheist, one who holds no belief in God or any gods. Yet Hannity challenged her even on this point, declaring her as being better described as an agnostic, one who believes that it is impossible to know whether or not God exists.

Hannity asked her if she holds out a possibility that there is a God. Cupp replied, “Today I don’t believe in God, but I’m open to being converted. I am.”

Hannity said, “I think to be an atheist, you have to believe that something can come from nothing. The majesty of creation is so beyond our comprehension…. You think it just happened randomly?”

Cupp replied, “I don’t purport to have the answers. But I’m not prepared to fill in that gap in my knowledge with God just yet.”

Yet. I love that word. Clearly Cupp is seeking to fill gaps in her knowledge with something, or Someone, for named in her website lists of “What S.E.’s Into” and “Favorite Thinkers and Doers” is Dinesh D’Souza, noted conservative communicator and Christian apologist.

In an interview with The Cypress Times, Cupp said, “I am an atheist but I’m not one of those militant atheists. I simply don’t believe. I envy the faithful.” Envy – to want what somebody else has. Oh, how I pray she will realize that God wants her to have what we have, too.

As surprising as it is that the author of Losing Our Religion is, at present, an unbeliever, it may be more surprising that the author’s father is a “born again” believer in Jesus Christ. In a subsequent tweet to me late last night, she said of her father: “Dad’s a regular American, and the greatest guy I know.”

Knowing that Cupp’s father is an all-American dad, an all-around great guy, and an all-out follower of Jesus, Hannity asked Cupp this million-dollar question: “Are you in a state of rebellion?” To which Cupp replied, “Maybe. I don’t know. All I know is I defend Christianity. I want some of these people gone. I want this to be like the rapture and all that’s left of them is their shoes.”

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  1. stanisloski101 said:

    S.E. Cupp (you’re kidding, right?) DOES have have a dog in this fight in that she knows her bread is buttered by conservative Christians. Liberal Christians and other liberal believers tend to get a free pass from the media. Proof that the media merely shows favoritism to certain types of believers is how viciously they have attacked atheists as of late for criticizing liberal as well as conservative believers. If it had just been you guys, Frank Schaffer and Chris Hedges would be as quiet as liberal church mice.

    April 29, 2010

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