November 14

We haven’t had ‘the big frost’ here yet, so some plants still struggle on. Strangely enough, the rhubarb is missing.

Seriously, most of the leaves, stems and roots are gone! The (same?) thief struck again.

Now really, why on earth do that when the earth abounds in rhubarb and I would have gladly shared?

I conclude that it must be 

A-someone who feels they don’t deserve my consideration or kindness.

B- someone who prefers stealing to asking.

C- someone who feels forgiveness is easier to get than permission.

Oddly enough, we actually watched a garden thief steal our rhubarb a few years ago.

The plants never grew for him, so I guess he’s back for a refill. These won’t grow either; he keeps planting them under his apple tree.

Am I angry? Strangely enough, no. It’s not worth being out of fellowship with the Lord. Let him steal if he must but he will never steal my joy.

Life becomes so much easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got. (Robert Brault)

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