Old Slippers

My toes hung out the end of my old slippers and even though I had no replacements, I tossed them into the garbage and resolved to shop for another pair soon.

But as you know, shopping is not convenient right now. I went to one or two essential stores and then headed for groceries.

I even passed a shoe store, but I hesitated about going into one more spot. I said to myself, “Well I guess I won’t find slippers at the grocery store.”

Eventually, I joined the long check out line. We moved slowly past racks of lots of enticing things. Suddenly, I spotted a pair of slippers sitting on a large table. There they were, all by themselves, sitting and waiting for me, the person who needed slippers.

I thought, “I’d better check. Likely the wrong size or price.” No, not at all! Perfect colour, size, style and shape. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, God knows what I need!

I added them to my cart and went home with my hands and my heart full of my God slippers.

The joy of God is your strength!”

(Nehemiah 8:10b, MSG)

Yes, it is a small thing in the eyes of God, and maybe in your eyes too, but it’s a very big thing for this gal with formerly cold feet!

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