P.A.L (Thinking Letters Part 3)

When will you stop, you ask? I guess the answer is when I run out of letters!


A- Asking

L- Listening.

We are God’s  pals you know. He loves us, even when we aren’t terrific; even when we have sinned. Even when we think there is no forgiveness….there is God, arms open wide waiting to forgive us.

 A pal is a friend, a mate, a chum. A pal is a companion, comrade, a buddy or a crony. That is our God. We can speak even more openly with him than we can with our earthly buddies. 

What will you tell your dearest friend about your difficulties in today’s troubles?

Would you tell him that you are fed up? Tired; feeling estranged or lonely? 

Friends he is willing and able and yearning to hear your every thought, no matter how desperate or frightened you are. He is there. All you have to do is speak with him (Pray) Tell him your troubles (Asking) and then listen as your Pal speaks into your heart.

Prayer – Companion God, we are relieved that you are our Pal. Bless your name Lord. Amen.

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