Paying the Help

Speakers generally have a set fee of several hundred dollars for an engagement. Quite frankly, it is worth it because any speaker worth their salt spends several days praying over a message and at least two days actually preparing it.

I don’t set a fee. The organizer always asks what I charge and I tell them that I trust them to make the right decision. I am not dependent on people to provide for me. I trust God to do that.

Actually, I am testing the faith and obedience of the people where I am to speak. Do they have a generous heart or not? Do they read their Bible?
Knowledge of who they really are helps me prepare the message they need and deserve.

Do they not know what the Apostle Paul said?

I wonder, did I make a bad mistake in proclaiming God’s Message to you without asking for something in return, serving you free of charge so that you wouldn’t be inconvenienced by me? It turns out that the other churches paid my way so that you could have a free ride. Not once during the time I lived among you did anyone have to lift a finger to help me out. My needs were always supplied by the believers from Macedonia province. (2 Corinthians 11:7-9, MSG)

Friends, remember that your workers deserve to be paid an honest wage. When you follow God with all your heart, including providing wages for your pastor, guest speaker or whoever, God honors your giving and God will honor you too.

Prayer- Father, we have all been on committees responsible for events. Help us trust you as we pay our speakers, pastors, and others with an honest wage. Amen.

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