Pilate and Me

Did you ever want to do the right thing but you chickened out when the time came? When that happened to me I felt like Pilate must have felt.

Pilate wanted to do the right thing; he really did. He did try to get Jesus off the hook by trying to make it some one else’s decision.

1- Do it yourselves. (John 18:31-32)
2- It is your problem, not mine! (Luke 23:6-7)
3- Let the crowd decide. (Mark 15:11-12)
4- I can’t find any problem with him. (John 18:38)

What would you have done if you were Pilate? Have you tried to push your responsibility for child rearing, budgeting, and keeping a job (I could go on!) onto the folks around you?

Are you lacking the courage to take aggressive correct action?

Are you just a coward plain and simple?

Are you living your life as somebody fearful and uncourageous?

Get a backbone, friend. Live up to your life. Take responsibility for what is your responsibility.

Prayer- God we want to pilot our life, not live our life like Pilate.

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