Preparing For The Storm

I’m sure that anyone who has watched the national weather during the past couple of days is familiar with how Old Man Winter has slammed portions of the United States. Kentuckians are no strangers to these massive storms that have arrived a bit out of season. As I write this blog, many Kentuckians across the state are preparing and bracing themselves for the anticipated winter storms that currently threaten our state.

I am no different than those that are making preparations as I too made preparations yesterday for an extended time at home due to snow-covered roads and the possibility of the loss of electricity. I made the necessary stops on the way home such as refills on necessary medications, gas for the fireplace and picking up a few extra groceries. As I entered the crowded grocery store I was amazed at the commotion inside! People were abuzz with conversations of the anticipated storms. Opinions were being voiced about the expected amount of accumulation. The shelves were swiftly being wiped clean as the stock boys frantically rushed about the store in effort to restock the emptying shelves.

As I stood in the crowded checkout lane behind people with overstuffed shopping carts my mind began to wonder. I will admit that I am a people-watcher. Today was no different, only today I was amazed watching the people scurrying about grabbing items and rushing in a desperate mode to ensure they got what they wanted.  While I stood there in the midst of the crowded store, I found myself wondering about people as well as myself, do we work as hard making preparations for the spiritual storms that we encounter in everyday life? Are we as concerned with or making preparations for our eternal fate and final destination as we are with these anticipated winter storms?

As I drove home watching the storm clouds gathering on the horizon, my mind was clouded as well with many thoughts and questions. As I called out upon the Lord through prayer for both guidance and spiritual strength I was reminded through His precious still small voice, of our constant shelter from all storms, shelter from the storms that nature throws at us and the spiritual storms that sometimes rage against us and within us. I was reminded and assured that we can overcome both types of storms through proper preparations.

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