My friend says that she does not really self-medicate with fabric. The lady at the fabric store wrote a prescription (or was that a receipt?) Raise your hand in agreement if you too love fabric! (or yarn or…)

I just gave away a lot of fabric. It was painful. Giving away fabric means you are giving away the dream of what it might have been! The bunny pattern flannelette for little ones because now there are no little ones left in your life sphere. The silk taffeta in your favourite royal blue because no fancy parties loom before you. And the beaded white silk with the matching bridal veiling? No one is getting married.

After I passed them on, I felt so much better; unencumbered, even joyful.  Others have little ones, parties and weddings to attend and they will use these lengths of cloth with great joy. While I clutched these things, other people suffered lack.

This giving made me take stock of the other things I cling to that have no more use in my life.

 Unresolved issues, old slights and hurts, unforgiveness, poor body image, lack of personal growth and more, stunted me and weighed me down. But when I gave them away to God, I had room in my life for his plans for me. As soon as I gave them up, I felt so much better. 

Dare I ask what you are hanging on to, friends? I hope you aren’t still hanging on, because freedom awaits.

Now here is a receipt worth hanging onto.

All the people were hanging on to every word He said. (Luke 19:48b, NASB)

Prayer- Lord forgive us for hanging onto things, thoughts and failures that drag us down from what we can be in you. For Christ. Amen.

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