Selah lead singer Amy Perry helps carry graceful worship music

I recently spoke with lead singer Amy Perry of the thriving Christian trio Selah. The group’s latest CD, “You Deliver Me,” captures the feeling of the group gathered around a piano, worshipping together.

Amy joined Selah and debuted in 2006 replacing Nicol Sponburg. Nicol was an original member and sister to band mate Todd Smith. She left the band to pursue work in her husband’s ministry and a solo career.

However, don’t expect Amy to emulate her predecessor. She displays sensational vocals, and a unique style, and should not be compared to Nicol. Amy’s powerhouse performance on “You Deliver Me” draws the line of demarcation.

This is her first complete album since joining Selah. Although she had the opportunity to perform on several cuts on “Bless the Broken Road: The Duets Album,” “You Deliver Me” is Amy’s opportunity to shine throughout.

Many of the cuts on the new CD are piano-based worship ballads. The vocals of each member of Selah are excellent on this album.

I asked Amy about the philosophy of their new release.  She stated the CD titled “You Deliver Me,” is a “return to the roots” for the band. Due to the transition of female lead vocalists, they wanted to remind the fans of their genesis.

The first album created by the group had cost only $2,000. The album contained solid substance and the current CD expands the tradition. This CD is full of powerful vocal performances and lyrical content.

Amy told me the band has been working on the material for the new album since 2006.

Amy was a joy to interview, she has great energy. She had always remembered being a Christian growing up and in her late teens made the adult commitment to a life in Christ.

She came to Nashville from Northern California at age 23 willing to commit at least five years to accomplish the goal of solidifying a music career. This left her with little time to waste, having been told shortly after her arrival that she needed to establish herself quickly before becoming too old for a shot.

Amy was at the end of her five years and considering leaving Nashville when a friend called her with a lead about the Selah auditions. She signed the contract at age 28, precisely five years after her arrival. You have to appreciate God’s sense of humor and lessons on patience.

The current release solidifies Amy as a vocalist, and the band as a unified entity. Many of my readers know I am a hard-core rocker. However, I really appreciate and enjoy the soft blended vocals of “How Deep the Father’s Love” and the intimate performance of “The Lord’s Prayer.”

If you enjoy great vocal performances, Selah is worthy of an extended listening. It’s easy to see how the music would transfer well to live tour performances. It defines what the Christian worship music genre should sound like.

Amy said that the band often captures random moments by joining for prayer. Amy Perry has a beautiful spirit and it translates well in their current release. Thank you for sharing your gifts and music!

Much more about the life and career of Amy Perry will be available in the series of articles beginning September 22nd, “So You Want To Be A Star?” Don’t miss it!


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