Texas Church Elated Over $1 Million Anonymous Gift

If you have gone to church for awhile, at some point you have experienced a fundraising campaign of some sort.

It could be for a new building, expanded construction, or in the case of our family’s church home, debt reduction.

Having volunteered to help on the campaign, it is unquestionably hard work and an expression of faith. Asking people for money, even for something they inherently agree with for the most part, is never easy. It almost goes without saying the current state of the economy makes this especially challenging.

That’s why the folks at First Baptist Church Lakeside are counting their blessings. The suburban Dallas congregation recently received an anonymous $1 million donation which paid off about one-fourth of its Family Life Center.

It would be easy for me – or perhaps you if your church is in a similar situation – to say, “Gee, why can’t that happen to us?” Understandable, but I would prefer to congratulate First Baptist and offer prayers for the continued growth of my church – and yours – to see what God has in store next.

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