The Joys of an Amma

It was the last few minutes of a treasured day with the grandchildren. One decided that he must have French fries as supper. I rashly promised to pick them up at the usual, yes you guessed it, at McDonalds, on the way to their home.

Thus began the battle. 

“You are hungry,” said Quinn to his brother Corran. 

Corran- “No I am not hungry.”

Quinn- “Yes you are hungry!”

Corran- “No I am not.” (This conversation was repeated loudly for ten km.)

Quinn – “Corran, you are hungry for chicken McNuggets!”

Corran- “No, I am not.”

Quinn- “You are hungry for chicken McNuggets.”

Corran- “No, I am not hungry for chicken McNuggets!”

Screaming ensued, but the words changed not one bit. The conversation just got louder. Finally slow Amma (grandma) figured it out. Quinn had the notion that his needs alone will not get him French fries. I explained that Corran did not have to eat so that Quinn could eat.

We stopped for French fries. I bought too many. I bought chicken McNuggets too— presuming that as soon as we left the building Corran would want chicken McNuggets.

Did he? I have no idea. I deposited the problem right where it now belonged; in the laps of the parents who were now obligated to get food into Corran.

Quinn should learn this verse so that he never need worry about French fries again.

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

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