The Animals

For animal lovers everywhere . . .

Dispose of litter properly, lest a skunk gets a coffee cup stuck on its nose and starves to death.

Cut elastic bands in half before tossing so that an animal won’t get caught in one and strangle.

Wash out peanut butter and jam jars so that a racoon won’t try to lick them out and get trapped.

Do not throw out small bits of colored papers because they entice birds to swallow them.

Put cigarette butts in the trash. They are poison to little critters. Anyway, they are sometimes still afire, and a bird may pick one up and drop it on a house roof.

Animals are like sinners. They reach out for the enticing and get caught, but God awaits, ready to forgive us every time we fall.

I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 5:32, NIV)

Prayer- Lord we choose to draw near to you and trust that you will come near to us. We desire to wash our hands and purify our hearts before you. Amen (From James 4:8)

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