This Week’s Top Christian Blog Posts

Here are the week's top Christian blog posts—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living.

The Top 15

Tullian Tchividjian shares his top 15 books on applying the Gospel to life in Fifteen Books on the Gospel for Christians.   

The Top 10

This is the week for post about top books. Michael Patton shares his top ten systematic theology texts in Top Ten Systematic Theologies

Doing a 180 in 40 Years

Al Mohler explains how the world’s morality has turned completely around and upside down in one generation. Read his analysis at Now It Is the Other Way Around

God’s Kingdom for a 15-Year-Old

Russell Moore explains the Kingdom of God so a fifteen-year-old could understand it (and me, too) in The Kingdom of God Explained to a Fifteen-Year-Old

Counseling in the Real World 

Rob Green shares a very honest post about the other side of counseling—the side we don’t often share. What do you do when your counselee is disgusted with you? Read Rob’s take on this in Keeping at It Even When Your Counseling Is Met with Disgust

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