The Love Revolution

The road I take to go to work each morning is a winding, narrow, two-lane road, and is a high traffic area. The last part of it, before I actually reach the main street of the city I work in, is all downhill, not a steep grade, but enough of one to afford a view of the industrial and business buildings below.

One such building catches my attention just about every morning. And that is because one of the men who works there is always out and about, around an empty loading dock. What is he doing? Feeding stray dogs and cats.

Yes, and they are loving it! I have been told this man is an owner of the plant. He has such compassion in his heart for these little friends that he is there every morning. Yes, I have seen him on the weekends as well. The animals stay close, and follow him around everywhere he goes. They have developed a loyalty and love for him, and they got that from his devotion to their welfare.

I know another woman who makes herself available any time day or night, no matter how near or far she needs to go, to those who unexpectedly have a tragedy or accident, or even a serious illness. She cannot bear the thought that someone may be sitting in a hospital waiting room alone, or in the ER, or at a police station. It matters not….she will be there for them. She is a prayer warrior, and she has the best hugging arms you could ever need.

We recently grieved the loss of a wonderful man in our congregation. More than that, he was a man who loved each of us. He loved every person he met. When you were in conversation with him, no matter the subject, you had the sense that you were the only person in the room. His focus was entirely on you. And he never failed to say, “I love you!” And he meant it. He loved the garbage man, the waitress, the mechanic, the homeless veteran. He loved his wife and kids, his entire family, and his church family. And his dying wish was that our church would become the CHURCH and would start a LOVE REVOLUTION.

I use these examples because these people have had an enormous impact on my life. From the man I do not know, who shows love to the animals, to the lady who gives of herself willingly to the service of others, to my friend who is loving everybody in Heaven now, I have been blessed with kind, giving, caring people in my life. And I take their example as the model for how I want to live. And of course, the perfect Model is Jesus Himself.

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus rebuked the disciples for trying to keep the little children from Him. He showed, by His reaction, that He valued the children and He loved them. He also said that if we are not like them, we cannot enter Heaven.

The three people I described to you have the hearts of little children. They are unseflish, they are full of the zest for life, and their compassion knows no bounds. Children love and play with zeal and open emotions. They are unspoiled in the ways of love. God made them that way, and He also expects us to retain enough of those qualities that we will have that innocence, that freshness, in the way we approach others in love and grace.

The Love Revolution…let God show you how to love with passion and zeal. Not just those you love right now…but all who cross your path. We have no idea how sincere love shown to another can change a life, can erase depression, can let them want to find what we have….the love of Christ in our hearts.  This is The Love Revolution!

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