The Most Majestic Of Voices

'”The Voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic.”  (Psalm 29:4)

The Psalms is one of the best places to simply 'hang out' in the Bible. There are gems and tidbits, nuggets of wisdom, bullet points for life, and all kinds of wonderful words of love, praise and thanksgiving.

So when I read this verse from Psalm 29, I started really thinking about it. What is God's voice like? Would it sound like a great bass singer's voice? Or would it be soft and lilting, like a poet reading his lovelorn works?

I then began to think of how God would talk. Would he use a perfectly spoken dialect? Would His enunciation be pronounced,  clear, clipped? I wonder if He would pause for effect, or put His hand on His hip, or take a stern stance when scolding.

But the reality is that God's voice is simply…His voice. I cannot think that His voice would be much different than mine, other than the obvious difference in gender. Well, and in physical might! His may be a very booming voice, but on deeper consideration, it could be very quiet,  even meek  I suppose. Which leads me to believe that God may very well tailor His voice to fit the need, to conform to the situation, in order to have the impact He wishes it to have.

Ok, so, no, I have never heard God's voice. Not His physical voice. But I have heard it in other ways, sometimes as sharp and clear as if He were standing right in front of me, and talking only to me. Other times it is quite subtle, nearly imperceptable, perhaps a figment of my imagination. But later on I realize it was not that. It was God.

God can speak to us in any way He chooses. He can shout it out to us until we have no choice but to pay Him some mind! Or, He may merely touch us on the arm, or the hand, or whisper in our ear, or even more fascinating, put His words directly into our minds. He can use another person to speak to us for Him. And He can also use nature, and inanimate objects, to make impressions on us that send us whatever message He wishes to deliver. Whatever message we need to hear!

So, since God is obviously always speaking to us, how do we know when it is Him, and how do we learn how to hear His voice? We learn by being in constant and devoted relationship with Him. He will take His Word and reveal Himself to us through it. He will hear our prayers, and if we will listen, He will convey His purpose, His will, His love for us. By learning His truth, we will be able to discern His voice, and we will know without a doubt that we have heard from Him.

'God is not a man that He can lie.' This statement from Numbers 23:19, gives us the assurance that if God is going to speak to us, He is going to be truthful and just. It is not in His make up to deceive us, or to mislead us. Therefore, when we suspect He is truly conversing with us, in whatever manner it may be, we should stand at attention, and give Him total command of our thoughts and senses. There will never be anybody more important who will utter our name than our God.

Listen for His voice. It is at times powerful. And it is quite naturally majestic. Whether loud or quiet, with anger or peace, our God has the most magnificant voice of any being, ever, at any time in our world's history. No one can match it. No one can copy it. No one can achieve the effect it has on His people, on His loved ones. This is His stage and His performance. This show cannot be stolen from Him. He is the Star. And He alone deserves all the applause!

Listen, learn, love. Get to know your God, as He wants you to know Him. And speak right back to Him. Expect an answer. If you listen softly, carefully, you will hear His Most Majestic Voice.

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