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I seem to spot fat-ish Biblical words more easily after a big turkey dinner or a giant piece of chocolate cake.

And behold, there came up out of the river Nile, seven well-favored cows, sleek and handsome and fat; and they grazed in the reed grass [in a marshy pasture]. And behold, seven other cows came up after them out of the river Nile, ill favored and gaunt and ugly, and stood by the fat cows on the bank of the river. (Genesis 41:2-3, AMP)

Then I wonder if I have my thinking all wrong. Does God want us to be sleek, handsome and fat rather than ill favored, gaunt and ugly?

In the Old Testament, fat was precious and even used as a burnt offering. (Exodus 29:13, Leviticus 3:3)

Even God the Father has Fat as part of his name!

The Bible does say to be moderate in all things. I take that to mean common sense in all things. Moderate in all things means just what it says; a healthy weight, neither too fat nor too thin is good for us. Let common sense prevail.

Prayer- Father, thanks for being a common sense God who encourages us to be the same. Amen.

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