Tomorrow’s Love

Tomorrow I will be a sparkling star.” says Marilyn. “I will be loved in someone’s eyes, someday.” thinks Michelle. Pat is strangely silent, while Fred scribbles about it. Verna contemplates her page and I stare at the wall. We all ponder the question of love.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love you tomorrow pops into my mind. I think it’s a song from the musical Annie. Tomorrow? Who wants to wait until tomorrow to be loved?

Doesn’t the heart yearn for more? But then we ask ourselves, who can I trust with my love?

What if what we think is love, isn’t love at all? What if it is only desired like a yearning for a chocolate bar, a slice of lasagna or a new red pick-up truck?

How do we really know what love is? Perhaps only when it is gone, do we recognize its real worth.

If it is tomorrow before we can sparkle with love, will we even recognize it? Do we dare chance it? Good grief, get me a calendar!

Are you waiting to be loved? Then, friends, I suggest you find the best love of all.

Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’  (Matthew 22:37, NLT)

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