’Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera Supports Our Troops!

All across the nation today people are celebrating the gift of friendship for National Best Friends Day!  This year BFF.tv, an organization promoting healthy friendships among youth, has partnered up with American Freedom Foundation to promote a bond of friendship that not only unites our nation, but supports our active duty military and veterans.

The “One 4 You, One 4 Me” Best Friend Campaign is connecting today's military with America.  On the Today Show this morning, SMA Jack Tilley, co-founder of American Freedom Foundation, discussed support for our troops and the importance of forming friendships with those who serve our country. The American Freedom Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports veterans and military families by providing them with resources, and encouragement stateside. They host major concerts and events raising money and promoting support for our troops while celebrating our veterans here at home.

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The “One 4 You, One 4 Me” Best Friend Campaign was launched today on National Best Friends Day and will be an ongoing project to encourage unity and support for our nation and troops all year long!  If you are interested in participating in this project and do not serve in the military, you can go to the BFF.tv website to purchase a pair of friendship bracelets.  They are $10 dollars, and include one bracelet for you, and one bracelet for a member of the military.  After purchasing these bracelets, you will be given directions on how to register your bracelet on the American Freedom Foundation website.  There you will fill out your bracelets unique code, and your information and then be linked to a member of the military.

If you or your loved one is a member of the military, you can register to participate at American Freedom Foundation, by clicking on the 'Military' Icon.  This will be free for you.  As bracelets are purchased you will be linked with a civilian and will hopefully form a bond of friendship that will unite us all together. You will also be able to use the American Freedom Foundation Community to reach out to others, and stay up to date on concerts and events being held in your area by the American Freedom Foundation!

America Ferrera, star of ABC's 'Ugly Betty', has created a video promoting this campaign, and encouraging others to participate in the amazing gift of friendship with our troops.  Others are  celebrating National Best Friends Day with some of our US Armed Forces in Times Square today at 3:00pm.  At this event Corbin Bleu, star in High School Musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tony Award Nominated actor of In the Heights, and Kenny Orteg, Director of High School Musical and Choreographer of Dirty Dancing, will be present at this event in Times Square today, all wearing their BFF bracelets supporting the troops! Thanks to the amazing BFF.tv organization and the American Freedom Foundation who hosted, promoted, and coordinated this event, we will be able to wear our support with pride, and connect with our men and women serving all over the world!

It's so encouraging to see familiar faces supporting this amazing project, and supporting our troops by reaching out with the bond of friendship!

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