What’s More Important: Issues or Principles?

Depending on the state you live in, the outcomes of this upcoming November election could really shake things up.  I happen to live in Wisconsin, a state that has a very strong lead on the Republican side.  It is going to be a very interesting race to say the least.

Yesterday I was watching a clip on a political ad that took Daniel Webster’s words about faith and family and completely twisted them.  Daniel Webster is running against Alan Grayson for the Congressman seat in Florida.  In the ad not only were Webster’s words taken out of context but he was called “Taliban Dan Webster.”  Those were pretty harsh words and that was a very deceptive political ad.

Deceptive political ads are nothing new.  But when I saw what Daniel Webster really said and how it was twisted, I had to admit it was one of the worst I have seen.

A conversation on the news station I was watching turned into how you are going to vote.  Will you vote based on issues or on principles and which is more important?  It posed an interesting question I thought.  How should we vote in any election?  Do issues override principles?  Or do we dismiss the issues, believe they will work themselves out and vote solely on principle?

As a believer I feel strongly that I must know who I am voting for and why.  Even if I don’t care for either candidate in a political race, it is my duty as an American to vote.  So which way should I lean? 

Both issues and principles need to be taken into account.  Yet what you will often find is that a politician’s principles will often shape their stance on an issue.  It is not too often you see opposing principles and issues.  If their principles are solid and right, the issues they stand on will follow suit.

If you are going to be voting this November, and I hope you are, take time to find out who you are voting for and why.  What principles do they base their actions on?  But don’t forget to also pray about who you are going to vote for.  God hears those prayers.

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