When the Whispers Call

In spite of the fact that I’m a widow, my life is good right now. Really good. I have five new books coming out this year, family and friends who love me, enough to eat and a snug little home to live in.

Still I occasionally find myself falling into the trap of dwelling on the past. When I pine for the days Ron and I were together, my feelings overwhelm me.  Then I begin to make bad choices about what I should eat, think and do.

While the following verse is speaking about Jerusalem, we would do well to heed the warning.

Consider well her ramparts, go through her palaces and citadels, that you may tell the next generation [and cease recalling disappointments]. (Psalm 48:13, AMP)

What past are you hoping for? We can’t go back. Life is what it is. We must choose to look forward, with the hope that God gives, one that will never disappoint us. (Romans 5:4-5, CEV)

Prayer – Lord, give us the grace to move forward in both our thinking and our doing. For Christ who died so that we might be able to. Amen

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