When Weird Happens

Recently I bought some old Country Woman magazines at a thrift shop. As I was enjoying them all over again, I came to a page with my name on it…TWICE! The 1997 July/August issue of the magazine had recipes from one of my cookbooks! What a blast from the past!

Does weird ever happen to you? Weird is defined as strange or unusual, odd, peculiar or even supernatural. I had been feeling guilty for giving myself a few minutes to look around the store and I felt even worse when I bought all those old magazines. But God wanted me to have a message in all that guilt. It is ok to be kind to yourself!

Let’s tell the truth here. Sometimes our life is just like that; weirdly wonderful.
For instance, I prepared a big meal for family and friends and remembered at the last minute that I had no bread or rolls. A friend dropped by just as the company was arriving…you guessed it…with a gift of fresh bread.

I hadn’t prayed for bread but I did have a thought that I should have gotten some. Still, early that morning, God spoke to my friend’s heart to make bread.

These are the small miracles of life that we should marvel over because they are God speaking visibly into our lives. The trouble is that we seldom recognize them for what they are.

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer; (Romans 12:12, KJV)

Prayer- Lord we are astonished, though sometimes unseeing of the way you provide for us. We thank you. Open our eyes to the little things please Lord. Amen.

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