Why Journal

I occasionally torment myself with thoughts of “I wish I had, I should have done and why didn’t I? That’s when I get out my journal from 2011, the year my husband died. Here are some of the most comforting lines.

Me- Would you like me to moisten the inside of your mouth again, dear?

He- Yep.

Me- It’s ok to go be with Jesus now.

He- Uh-huh.

He grasped my hand one last time, with his firm, ‘you can trust what I say when I say it handshake’. I sang old hymns to him, changing the words to remind him of Christ and the family he would meet in heaven. I apologized for my singing because we often joked about that. His breathing slowed and finally stopped.

Wisdom is making choices that you will be satisfied with later. I would add this thought. Record your most precious so that you will remember them later. 

At the Lord’s command, Moses recorded the stages in their journey. (Numbers 33:2a, MSG)

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