You Will Not Steal My Joy!

 I can’t tell you how many times lately, that I’ve been in a fairly good mood and then dwelling on something in particular, has made my joy evaporate into thin air. Before I know it, I’m downright bummed and blue.

And I did it to myself. Sort of. Satan started it, whispering his negative, unwelcome thoughts into my head. I just ran with it.

I sat one day at the computer and realized how many hours of joy he had stolen from me. And I had let him. I just sat there and listened to all the “woes” and “why not’s” and “it’s not fair” thoughts that he was gushing into my brain and heart.

My glad far too easily turned into sad. I quickly lost sight of my smile and found a frown with the things that weren’t quite “right” in my day; my world.

I’m so glad I have a rock to stand on. If I had built my home on sinking sand, I’d be in extra double trouble. For I’ve clung to that rock so many times. Every time I turn around to grab onto it, I’m quickly reminded of who I am in Christ. Where I’ve come from, and how blessed I am. How loved. How listened to and valued. Complete contradictory thoughts than the ones that Satan spews into my ears.

Spiritual battles are very real. I’ve lived them. I’ve felt them. I know that we cannot be complacent about having our armor on or being aware of what is going on with us and around us.  Joy is not something that our enemies want us to live out.

We, however, can live joyful lives even in the midst of not-so-perfect situations. We can reject the whispers and times we are tempted to dwell on those things that bring us down or pull us away from what is positive in our lives. We can refuse to allow any time in our lives to be stolen away in this quest of ours where we demand fairness in our “why not” or “it’s not fair” situations.

When things aren’t quite right, we can still tilt our head upward and smile – knowing the One who has it all in His capable hands will walk through every detail with us.

I don’t want to be a victim to Satan’s attacks or his tricks. I don’t want to be an easy target for him to steal joy or happiness from my heart, life, or face. It may be a fight at times, but I’m in it to win it. Are you?

Satan, you will not steal my joy. You will not steal my blessings.

For they are gifts from God.  Gifts I have every intention of keeping.

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