How funny to write the date this morning; 20-20-20, the exceptional day of clear vision in an exceptional year of clear vision, 2020. Let’s pray clear vision for all of us as we move through the months ahead.

Clear vision for our family, our jobs, our friends and extended family members and God help us, clear vision for our politicians who hold our very existence in their hands.

No I take back that line. We may follow them blindly into war or chaos or financial distress and their own foolishness but they do not and never will have our existence in their hands.

Wouldn’t it be great to have God make it as clear as this?

And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may [be able to] read [it easily and quickly] as he hastens by.

(Habakkuk 2:2, AMPC)  

We still have poems and songs like this to help us concentrate on the right and best vision for us.

Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart. Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art my best Thought, by day or by night. Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light

Be Thou my Wisdom, and Thou my true Word I ever with Thee and Thou with me, Lord
Thou my great Father, I Thy true son Thou in me dwelling, and I with Thee one.

From the Hymn Be Thou My Vision (Audrey Assad)

Songwriters: Ian Lynn / Traditional   Be Thou My Vision lyrics © Spirit Music Group

Prayer-Father, we beg you open our eyes that we might see you as you are, without our calloused eyes screening you out. Amen.

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