Mall Cops, Mall of America: What Were You Expecting Anyway?

My father hates shopping. For him, going to a mall is the equivalent of taking a tablespoon of cod liver oil with a pinch of cayenne pepper. So, watching a show about being in a mall, especially working in a mall as security, would be pure torture.

Having watched a premier episode last night, I concur.

TLC has made a life of reality quite unrealistic. We are visually assaulted by Jon and Kate’s marriage falling apart before our eyes and by toddlers wearing incredible amounts of make-up doing beauty pageants. I’m not sure when the learning part dropped out of The Learning Channel but Mall Cops is 30 minutes of my life that I won’t be getting back.

These mall cops are good people doing a tough job keeping the peace in the Mall of America in Minnesota. The cops on this episode dealt with a car that caught on fire in the parking lot, a stalker that brought a mall employee unwanted gifts and a drunk man that had urinated in his pants.

And I thought shoplifting would be the main event.

Expectations can disappoint at the most unexpected times. Joseph, of the multi-colored coat, had expectations. He thought he would be inheriting his father’s land, instead he ended up in a well. He thought he would be working for Potiphar and instead ends up in jail. At last, Joseph ends up working for the Pharaoh and was able to exact revenge on his brothers who shoplifted his expectations. But he doesn’t take revenge and instead offers grace to his brothers – surprising their expectations.

Even though Joseph was expecting one thing, he ended up with a whole other adventure. Sometimes good and sometimes rotten, I can imagine Joseph wondered ‘why me?’ most of the time.

Exactly what I was asking myself during Mall Cops.

(a postscript: in recent years TLC has integrated more ‘life’ instead of ‘learning’ blurring the meaning of the “L” in their acronym, although I cannot find evidence of an official name change.)

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