My friend had a chance to go to Israel but she felt strongly that she was not to go. It turned out that the very time she would have been there; she suffered a major medical emergency and ended up in hospital.

The person in the next bed was diagnosed with cancer. My friend came along side her and led her to Christ.

Oh how the circumstances our life are ordained by the living God! Are you listening?

Jesus ended up in Samaria. It was not a popular or safe place for Jews, but there he was.

He accepted it and moved through it with grace, saving as he went.

he found rest and refreshment there. (John 4:6-8).
he enjoyed conversation (7),
he confronted people (9)
He witnessed
The result; a woman believed (25-26).
She told others about Jesus (29)
They also believed (40).

How are you accepting your ordained place?

Prayer-Lord, We don’t like where we are right now, but we trust you will make something of it. For Christ. Amen/

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