Where the World Is Judging God is a humorous website based on Twitter conversations that should be monitored by the Christian Online Community.  The creators of this site make an extremely valid point, who is this God everyone is talking about and WHY is He telling people to do some of these outlandish things. The site is a farce on how people blame God for their decisions and claim Him as the reason behind their actions.  This is both good and bad, because God does ask us to do some pretty amazing things but as you will see in the site, some ‘tweeters” talk about how God is telling them to skin people alive, talk about how promiscuous a girl is, and sometimes worse.

Along with this site, there is a book called “God Made Me Do It: True Stories of The Worst Advice The Lord Has Ever Given His Followers”  by Marc Hartzman that further illustrates how God has become a joke because people use His name so casually, and CARELESSLY.  The photo below comes directly from the AlmightyTweets site and explains the purpose:


While I cannot deny that I had a chuckle or two from the outrageous tweets, and I voted Good or Bad on several, it does re-affirm my convictions the true need for Godly people and the church to be active online.  We must represent Christ and God honorably, so that the Good outweighs the Bad reputation that some people are giving online.  We must remember, that what we post online—stays online, and people are watching.  We must speak out on the TRUTH about God and His son who died on the cross to save our lives!  We must be people of the word, and not people of ‘Godly’ excuses.

I guess what I am asking for you to do after you read this, is to become active on twitter, and start speaking about the things God has told you…through His word, through His son…and while I am no judge of what God is telling anyone to do, I know that I love a God who would never ask me to murder, steal, lie, or slander my fellow brother or sister regardless of their choices. When I talk about what God tells me to do, it sounds something like this…

“God told me to….tell you to love your neighbor.”  “God told me to…love my enemy even when its hard.” “God told me to…take care of my children.”  “God told me to…forgive unconditionally.” “God told me to…reach out to people where they are.” “God told me to…be kind.” “God told me to…believe in Jesus Christ, His son.” “God told me to…share His love with a stranger today.”  “God told me to…read His word so that I may grow in goodness.”  “God told me to…feed the hungry.”  “God told me to…make new friends.” “God told me to…support my local community.”  “God told me to…volunteer.”  “God told me to…be joyful in times of hardship.”  “God told me to be…thankful.”  “God told me to…LOVE.”  “God told me to…HOPE.”  “God told me to…CARE.”

You get the point!  So let’s make a GOOD name for our Lord! We should appreciate the humor from this book and this website, because I am pretty sure God gets a good chuckle from time to time, but we should also appreciate the overwhelming opportunity that this site presents our body of believers. In fact, Regina Specktor says it best in her song “Laughing With.”


So let’s have a few laughs with God, and then let’s share with the world what God really tells us to do…based on His word and His son, Jesus Christ.

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