Angel Dandruff

What we don’t know about angels, we make up. When it snows, angels are shedding their dandruff. When angels bowl, we hear thunder. Really? You can search the web and find all sorts of angel information it’s just about as truthful.

However, angels do minister-Mark 1:13 and they announce- Luke 2:10.

The devil has angels-Matthew 25:41.

Angels don’t know anymore about the timing of the last days then we do-Matthew 24:36

Little children have angels who behold the face of God-Matthew 18:10

Angels will separate the wicked from the just in the last days-Matthew 13:49

I think angels are too busy to worry about their dandruff or even to take up bowling.

Prayer –  Lord, let us be careful what we say, lest it lead another astray. Amen

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