Little projects eat up all my brain space. My to-do list includes a half-finished Christmas vest, a heap of filing, unwrapped gifts and a sink full of dirty dishes. That made me grouchy all day. Finally, I took a few minutes to finish the vest. I filed the papers. Next I bagged the gifts and did the dishes.

Then I was able to concentrate on my new book, The Pregnant Pause of Grief, the first trimester.

If I’d worked on those tasks first, instead of whining about them,  I could have enjoyed the writing. But no, I choose to whine about the undone, instead of doing it.

Song of Solomon 2:15b -the little foxes spoil the vines (KJV).

A Google search revealed that while red and gray foxes will eat cultivated grapes, raspberries, and other fruit, they usually don’t bother garden vegetables.

I think the little foxes of life are like the four-legged ones. They steal our fruit, that is, our productivity, and our joy.

What little things are wrecking your day? What if we got rid of them altogether by doing what needed to be done ASAP?

Prayer: Father, forgive our procrastination and time wasting. Amen.

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