#biblechat: A Twitter Bible Study

For anyone who is using Twitter to connect with friends, promote their business or even reach out to fellow Christians online, you may or may not have heard about #biblechat.  This chat held on Twitter every Monday night at 9pm EST/ 8pm Central continues to grow!  Yesterday marked #biblechat's fourth week in the book of Hebrews! The goal of #biblechat is to bring fellow Christian tweeters together to build relationships, share encouragment, challenge each other and pray for each other via Twitter.  Because of the open real-time value of Twitter, #biblechat is connecting Christians all over the world. Even if you cannot tune in on Monday nights you can read through the nights transcript, and follow up with questions to fellow #biblechat -ers throughout the week! 

Many of you are probably wondering, how does #biblechat work?

You will need:

A Twitter account & a Bible!

To share on #biblechat you can use sevreal tools, I recommend Tweetchat.com for #biblechat! You will need to be signed into your Twitter account to participate! Tweetchat will automatically add the '#biblechat' hashtag to your tweets which makes the process easier for the user!  You can also watch what others are sharing & saying on #biblechat all on this screen!

If you are more comfortable using Twitter.com or another tool, that's okay! Just be sure to include the term '#biblechat' (without quotations) in each tweet you want to be shared with the group!

If you are not on Twitter, you can sign up for an account here! If you need any help you can also email me at abbi.siler@gmail.com and I will try to assist you!

We look forward to meeting you tonight and growing together in God's word!

#biblechat – Mondays at 9:00pm EST (8:00pm Central)

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