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It was common for our parents and grandparents to marry once, put down roots, and follow one or two jobs until retirement, but Americans in the new millennium seem to…

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I have sat on Pastoral Search Committees and now as a pastor I am not sure I would have chosen me!  But imagine hearing about this pastoral candidate.  This pastor…

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Last week, my older daughter exclaimed, “Well you don’t have a job!”  This comment followed her request of when she could get a tattoo, to which I replied, “When you…

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James knew he was blessed when he finally got a job offer in his field of study. Feeling that God had called him to his position; he loved everything from…

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  Discontent.   Sometimes, I think it’s God’s way of getting us ready – preparing us to move on to something else in our lives. We have to be careful…

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This process can be applied to any situation where you need to make an important decision. If you follow these ten basic steps, you will find yourself making wiser decisions…

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