Experiencing God Moments

One of my favorite things about parenting is pointing my children to God.  While I can talk about the importance of having a relationship with Him and taking the time to read His Word, it is the experiences that speak the loudest.

There is just something utterly amazing about having an experience that you have no question is from God.  I love those moments in time where you can truly say there is no other explanation.

Well, this was something I recently experienced.  It had been a long time since my children had gotten a new Bible.  They are now preteens and teens, so they have pretty much outgrown their old Bibles. 

After a careful search and finding a Christian store online that had them on sale for 50 percent off, I was able to purchase the perfect Bibles for my children.  They were fitting for their age and gender.  I knew they would really get something out of these new Bibles.

So, it was very exciting when the UPS man knocked on my door one day last week and there stood the box containing their brand new Bibles.  I eagerly took the box inside and opened it.  Then the most amazing thing happened.  As I picked up each Bible, a Scripture verse immediately came to mind.  It just happened.  I didn’t ask God to give me a verse yet they were placed on my mind anyway.

What I also thought was amazing, was that they were in the box in the order of my children from the oldest to the youngest.  I picked up my 16-year-old son’s Bible and into my mind came, “Fight the good fight.”  As that verse came into my head I thought, “Well that’s strange” and just shrugged it off. 

I set his Bible down and as soon as my fingers touched my 13-year-old daughter’s Bible, this came to mind, “Beauty doesn’t come from outward adornment.”  I realized right then and there that something incredible was happening.  I set her Bible down and picked up my 11-year-old son’s Bible and this came to mind, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”

Well, the story doesn’t end there.  As incredible as all of that was, it was really just preparation for what was going to happen later that night.  I did end up looking up the full version of those verses and wrote them on the inside cover of each of my children’s Bibles.  Clearly they were Scripture verses meant for them.

That night my church had an Illustrated Sermon service called “Trick or Treat.”  My 11-year-old son ended up in tears at the end.  He realized his relationship with God wasn’t where it was supposed to be and so we prayed together and he rededicated his life to the Lord.  I shared with him about the verse that I had received earlier that day.  It couldn’t have been more fitting for what happened, “Behold I stand at the door and knock…”  He had knocked on the door of my son’s heart and his response was to open it.

What kind of incredible God moments have you experienced?

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