Happy Days

Some of us spell it this way.  HAPPY DAZE????    Happy daze is our reaction to life’s blows. For instance, consider the good old days, without the DAZE of a pandemic. Face it, friends, we’ve been dazed most of our life, long before our pandemic years.

If it wasn’t lack of marriage partners, …it was because we got one! Or maybe it was the shock of finances/ or empty-nesting/ or a medical diagnosis. Maybe hitting a certain age did us in. 

We’ve all been in one DAZE or another. Maybe we even use that as our time frame. The incidents vary, yet now we’re stuck in the current Happy Daze of a pandemic. Would you believe me if I told you that the best is yet to be? Well, that is the truth. Our years now are the ones that count …because they are the only ones we have left.

God always has a purpose for life. The question is, will we step into it or not. Here we are; bleeding and wounded, yet we made it.

Some people just gave up. I hope that’s not you! Our daze is meant to change us.

A blinding light blazed out of the skies and I fell to the ground, dazed. I heard a voice: ‘Saul, Saul, why are you out to get me?’

(Paul in Acts 22:6-7, MSG)

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