I Would Have

Do people ever surprise you with gifts beyond measure? That’s what happened to me this week! A friend, knowing my vacuum was on its last legs, surprised me with the gift of a brand new one! I wrote this as a thank you!


I Would Have

I would have eaten supper but I’m vacuuming instead.

I would have had a nap but I’ve vacuumed all the bed.

 I would have watched the TV but I’m dusting all to be

And all the while I’m thinking of your kindnesses to me


I would have washed the dishes, but the vacuum likely will.

This thing does everything, even my heart does fill.

I am so very grateful. The rugs say thank you too.

Right now everything around me looks shiny and brand new.

I wonder if I vacuum me would twenty pounds go way.

I think I will save that one for a boring rainy day!!


Silly maybe, but my friend loved it (she said) because of all the images it threw into her head.

How do you thank people for what they do for you? It doesn’t have to be with personal poetry, A card will do. But a thank you is essential. I like one, don’t you!?  So does God.

If you don’t know what to say…try repeating Psalm 138.

Prayer-I will praise you, Lord with all my heart…(From Psalm 138) Amen.

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