Lessons from the Gospel of John: Six Points About Baptism (Part 3)

Actually, Jesus was not baptizing people. His disciples were. (John 4:2)

Matthew Henry makes six points about this one verse that can be used a lessons for us today. Even though his work was first published in 1714 it has ample value today.  I will begin to go through these points and discuss them as they apply to 21st century believers.

Point 3: He would put honor upon his disciples, by empowering and employing them to do it; and so train them up to further service.

Jesus had seventy followers that He sent out into the cities ahead of Him. It seems that the core of twelve who later became apostles stayed with Jesus (Luke 10). These seventy were given very specific instructions on what to do and how to act. They were Jesus’ front runners, His announcement team, if you like.

Today’s lesson is that as we grow in spiritual maturity and attain places of service and even authority in the church we are to remember to teach others to serve also. We would do well to follow Jesus’ example by giving them responsibility along with specific instructions. While floors do need cleaning, this is not the type of responsibility I am talking about. Jesus sent these out with instructions to preach and heal the sick. When they returned they marveled that even the demons fled from them. Give responsibility to people as they are able to handle.

We shouldn’t have a new believer who barely understands salvation preaching revivals, nor should we hold one who is ready for this in check. God puts calls into people’s hearts and we should recognize these calls, especially if there is evidence of the calling in the person’s life.

When we empower a person to service in a way that shows results and teach them that Jesus give the harvest, we encourage that person to an even closer relationship with Jesus. And that is the goal.

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