Live by Choice

The frantic of Christmas is long over, but we remain just as busy. How did that happen? While this is not the usual time of year to make resolutions, it is always the right time to look at our schedules and modify them.

How many obligations did we take on because:

  1. No one else volunteered?
  2. We were pressured into the job by our superiors?
  3. We were pressured into the job by those who didn’t want to do their part?
  4. We felt it would fill an afternoon of loneliness?
  5. It was an opportunity to make ourselves look good to others?
  6. Guilt?
  7. Any other reason that is not God-ordained?

"There are enough hours in the day to do what God wants you to do, and no more"–.A. W. Tozer.

Prayer- Lord, help us live by choice, not chance. Give us the courage to wipe our schedule clean of all that is not ordained by you. Amen.


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