Lunchtime Links: August 9, 2010

Canadian Omar Khadr, who was originally captured in Afghanistan in 2002 and sent to the prison at Guantanamo Bay at 16 years old, is now just beginning his war crime trial, the first under the Obama Administration.

The death toll from a massive landslide triggered by floods in China's northwest has risen to 337, the country's state media said on Monday. It is a portion of record rainfalls which have displaced millions in South Asia in recent weeks.

While a high-profile battle rages over a mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan, heated confrontations have also broken out in communities across the country where mosques are proposed for far less hallowed locations. At one time, neighbors who did not want mosques in their backyards said their concerns were over traffic, parking and noise — the same reasons they might object to a church or a synagogue. But now the gloves are off, with some Christian groups leading confrontations that their problems are more with Islam itself.

Gulf Coast residents are wary their issues will soon be forgotten by government and industry as the BP oil spill cleanup draws down.

Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal died Sunday. She was 84.

Derek Jeter passed a significant milestone Sunday, surpassing a fellow New York Yankees great of a different era when a single propelled him past Babe Ruth on the all-time hits list.

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