Giving Up My Droid For An iPhone

So recently I gave up my loyal Droid that has been like a best friend to me for almost two years now for a slicker, younger looking iPhone. Maybe there’s something wrong with me that I compare phones to relationships but they are, aren’t they? We invest a lot of time into them. We spend almost all day if not all night with them. We buy them accessories to make them look nicer. Should I go on? Let me just give you my review on the two phones.

The Droid: He has to be from Mars, it’s rugged and easy to use. I miss the apps on the Android Market. They were easy to use, minimal graphics and all the good ones are free. I had two games called Spiderman, both had horrible graphics but they were fun to play, very addicting and a good way to kill a minute here and there. That pretty much sums up all the games, horrible graphics but addicting game play to kill a minute. Keep in mind I am the type of guy that would trade in his X-Box 360 for a NES any day of the week.

I am on the verge of being obsessed with Mario bros. and the Droid was like a dealer for my ‘habit’. I had Mario ring tones and message alerts, and simple Mario Jump games. I used my Droid for four things; to check my email, Facebook, my blog status and to kill time. The battery life isn’t too good but the Droid fit my needs very well.

iPhone: Then enter the seductress. With her slick-smooth look and her ‘Venus’ technology and she seduced me. It was very hard at first to use my iPhone; it’s much more complicated than the Droid. After a day use of it I wanted to return it to the store and felt deep regret for the bad ‘break-up’ with my Droid. 

I love my iPhone now; it’s like a relationship where you have to put in the time and effort to understand it, to appreciate it. Now there is a ton of free apps but you have to buy the good ones. I just got into classic Sega games. I bought Sonic 1 and 2 and they are just as good as they were on the Sega Genesis. They have simple games also but the overall feel is the graphics are ten times better. I also love the fact that I can go on iTunes and buy the apps so I can use my iTunes gift cards instead of my credit card on the Droid market.

Now like my verge of obsession with Mario I also have a ‘healthy’ obsession with music. I have so far only like eight hundred songs on my phone, I still haven’t finished putting music on or making playlist but, I listen to my iPod a lot more now and especially when I’m in the car. 

It all depends on what you are looking for. The Droid is more ‘rugged’ and easy to use while the iPhone is more elegant and sophisticated. Choose for yourself, but choose wisely.

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