Save the World or Save the Church?

I feel like Christians now a day will deem something “good” quicker than they would deem it “bad” for the sole purpose they could continue in it. I recently have read a few different blogs entitled “greatest worship songs”. Now regardless of the list it will always be open for debate because of people’s preference. But I need to ask the question; because the song quote unquote “motivates” you does it make it a worship song?

Now I am far from ever being a worship leader or even gone to church long enough to ‘critique’ a list but with an open mind I ask.

  • Can a song written by a person not saved (or at least claims not to be a Christian) be considered as a worship song?
  • What makes a worship song? Is it words that are used to describe our God and His Grace, Love and Salvation or is it words and a beat that motivates you? Or is it something else that I am missing?
  • Just because it’s one of your favorite songs does it make it a worship song?

Now these questions can seem like a joke but most of the songs I see on these lists leave me asking myself are these people really saved? Now I’m not a judge and I understand the whole let him without sin cast the first stone (John 8:7) but still. We are called to sharpen each other (Prov 27:17) and sometimes we shouldn’t look at it as criticism.

The other thing that disturbs me is when a blogger called for us to sing these songs during church.  Right now in my “faith walk” I’m not sure what is good or bad. I’m trying to cut some TV shows, movies and songs out of my life. And I loathe how people always jump to say “Jesus hung with sinners” and “Healthy people don’t need a doctor but sick people do” and they say these things so they can stay in the world. Those two statements are true but they use them the wrong way.

An old friend of mine once said “you don’t have to use the word Jesus in a song in order for it to be a “Christian” song but I ask if you’re not using the words Jesus and God then what are you really singing about?

The Gospel is meant to change and save the world but I feel people are trying to use the world to change and “save” the church. But I guess that’s a subject for another blog?

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