Music Monday: ’God 2.0’ – The Roots Featuring Monsters Of Folk

An American Hip Hop band brings a new sound to the music industry with their rich lyrics and sensational beat.  The Roots recently collaborated with a group of musicians, Monsters of Folk, on their latest album ‘How I Got Over’.  Released on July 22nd,  “How I Got Over” included one of the most moving songs I have heard all year— “God 2.0.”  Artists M. Ward, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, Yim Yames of My Morning Jacket, and Mike Mogis bring their wit and sound to the table with The Roots to create a song that resonates with the hearts of many believers worldwide.

‘God 2.0’ featuring Monsters of Folk is a riveting song about the world today and how believing in God becomes harder and harder, but even still God is ever so present in daily life.  The video below is the song played out to the story of a man who goes to work day in and day out seeing God in his daughter but confronting real world issues such as drugs, prostitution, and violence.  He asks God “Why do we suffer?” “Why is the world so ugly, if you made it in Your image?” and comments on issues that affect every single one of our lives daily.

I believe with all my heart that music is the outpouring of the soul.  The Roots & Monsters of Folk have excelled in capturing the struggle of being a believer in God and finding hope in God and those we love despite the modern world we live in.  As I reflect on my life and the many blessings God has given me I am thankful that many of these hardships are not nearly as prominent in my life, but for the vast majority of the world they are an ongoing reality.

This song not only humbles those who have a life easier than most, but also calls into question the struggle for right and wrong, and the need for encouragement, grace and hope as the world around us continues to evolve. The video ends with the man choosing love over violence when faced with a gun to his head, I can only hope that I would make the same decision when faced with such a heavy situation.

Take a few moments to reflect on your life and sort out the things that may be trivial in comparison to what is truly important. Feel free to share what kind of impact this song has had you today, and any thoughts about how this can be applied to your daily walk with God in the 2.0+ world.

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