A new term in our 2020 dictionary, meaning working at craft projects instead of doing the dishes. This is new? I’ve been procraftinating for years. 

Who wouldn’t rather quilt, knit or crochet than do house work? I used to excuse it by telling myself the project needed to be finished for so and so for Christmas.

How much time to you spend procraftinating?  Does it count if you do two things at once, like crochet and watch TV? 

I truly do like to craft. I make most of the family gifts over the year.  Does this make me a bad person?  God loves crafters. I take comfort in verses like this.

“The ephod shall be made by the most skilled of the workmen, using gold, blue, purple, and scarlet threads of fine linen.

(Exodus 28:5-6, TLB)

The Lord instructed skilled perfume makers to compound all this into a holy anointing oil.

(Exodus 30:25, TLB)

“Come, all of you who are skilled craftsmen having special talents, and construct what God has commanded us.”

(Exodus 35:10-19, TLB)

(P.S.  I do eventually do the dishes, and the floors and the…!)

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