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From December 24…Charger

I hesitate to bring this topic up just before the great feast of tomorrow, but have you considered chargers? An uninformed reader might think of them as a large robust horse. Others might think of their over-used credit card. (STOP- this is too gruesome for the season- stay tuned for January!)

Oh you can’t wait? Well than, here is the rest of the story.

Others understand that a charger is a large, but shallow bowl or plate (12-14 inches in diameter) to be used under several courses but always removed before dessert. Why might you ask? Apparently, your guests might be sloppy and this catches their mess.


Okay— then, don’t say I didn’t warn you

In the Bible, the term is used for silver dishes the heads of the tribes donated to the tabernacle.

(Numbers 7:84) No I can’t do it. I JUST CAN”T DO IT!!

Stay tuned for January…the third. HINT…

Unfortunately, the charger is also the item used for John the Baptist’s head.(Matthew 14:11, KJV)

Prayer- Father, a little waiting is good for all of us, in your time, Lord, all in your timing. Amen.


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