The Inga Blanket

This miracle happened several years ago but it stays fresh in our minds. I hope you enjoy the story again.

Linda met Inga in the hospital. She constantly complained of the cold and Linda decided that she would get a cozy blanket for Inga.

Linda told me about the blanket, and I thought, “I can do that.” After all, the blanket lady had the same name as one of my favourite aunts. Without saying a word to Linda, I made a blanket and daringly embroidered ‘INGA’ on the corner.

Meanwhile Linda searched the stores and found that in January, they specialized in bathing suits and lounge wear. She came home to my phone message, asking her to pick up Inga’s gift at my house.

When Linda gave Inga her blanket, she gasped and cried out…“Oh, that there are still such people in the world!” And Linda had the opportunity to speak Jesus to Inga.

I hope Linda and I are not unusual among Christ’s people. It’s all a matter of listening to the murmurs of the Holy Spirit. Tune in folks; you won’t be sorry.

As Linda says, “That’s how it is with people who work for God. We care for strangers through Christ in us. (And I might add….even when the errands seem unnecessary, wonky or even weird!)

Prayer- Lord, help us listen with full intent to your whispers and suggestions so that we might reach the Ingas of this world for Christ. Amen.

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