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Linking you to the top 5 Christian blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. This week’s theme centers around finding hope when you’re hurting. 

Still Sensitive to the Touch

What do we do with pain that is still sensitive to the touch? Sandra People’s provides an inspiring brief-but-powerful-and-practical quote from Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Reflect on her words at Drop the Full Weight of It at His Feet.   

After a Long Silence

Wendy Alsup blogs at Practical Theology for Women. Well, she’s well worth reading for women and for men. Today’s post has a fancy title, but is user-friendly for all those suffering during the silence of God: Counterintuitive Words of Comfort .   

Even in the Darkest Times

Finding solid Christian music—with lyrics that feed the soul and musical quality that soothes the soul—is tremendously difficult. The Christian band, Joy Eternal, has a new release based upon John Piper’s A Sweet and Bitter Providence. View their intriguing video about hope for the hurting in Joy Eternal: A Sweet and Bitter Providence

Though Dead, His Life Still Speaks

Pastor C. J. Mahaney has a fascinating blog post this week—he interviews a dead guy! Mahaney takes a letter by John Newton about spiritual depression and turns it into an interview. Read Newton’s wisdom in Spiritual Depression: An Interview with John Newton

Groaning for a Good King

Part of God’s plan and purpose in suffering in this life is to prompt us to groan for the life to come—and for the coming King. In light of all the focus on “the Royal Wedding,” Mike Cosper reflects on Longing and Looking for a Good King.  

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