Valentines and Cheesecake

You heard me say that yesterday… I LOVE cheesecake, but today is Valentine’s Day and I LOVED my husband. I LOVE my children and yet I say in the same breath …I Love cheese cake!

That is because I use the word LOVE too loosely. There are many different types of love but we use them interchangeably. Here are six that I know of. The first four are Greek and all four are found in the Bible. The last two seem to have been invented out of necessity.

Phileo is the brotherly, empathetic bond between friends/ relatives. (Greek)

Storge is a kind of natural family affection between parent and child.(Greek)

Eros is the romantic, passionate kind of love.(Greek)

Agape love is the unconditional love of God.(Greek)

Ludus is a cheating, lying uncommitted kind of love. (modern)

Mania is an obsessive, jealous, stalking kind of love. (Modern)

After carefully examining these words, I think I might have to say I am in mania love with cheesecake! I do rather stalk it on occasion. But to say I might LOVE cheesecake the same way I love my husband is a bit creepy, don’t you think?

Where does your love of God lie? Are you a casual friend, an affectionate child, a lying unbeliever or a jealous beast? Where is our agape love for God, the kind that he offers constantly to us?

My husband often told me that he loved me, but one day he repeated that statement with this tag on. “I love you,” he said, “but I love Jesus more.” And I answered this way. “That’s all right Honey, that’s the way it is supposed to be.”

Prayer- Lord, help us agape you, the way you do us. Amen.

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