Vegetarian or Not

No matter what you like to eat, vegetarian or not, soup is a good choice, cheap, delicious, and long-lasting.

  1. Start with a good broth, make your own or buy the kind you prefer.

2. Add stuff, the last of last night’s dinner, meat if you choose, and potatoes and vegetables.

3. Add a can of tomatoes or even spaghetti sauce

4. Season with your favorite spices. Salt, pepper, Italian spices or East Indian curries

5. Simmer on the stove or in the crockpot or over an open campfire. 

6. Garnish each bowl with chopped green onions and a dash of sour cream or yogurt.

Every batch looks and tastes different. Spices and garnishes are the keys. Think of people. We all live in the same basic body, but it is our spice and garnishes that make us individuals.

In Bible times, spices were a rare commodity, every bit as valuable as silver and gold.

The merchants of Sheba and Raamah, in Arabia, traded with you; they exchanged for your wares the choicest of all kinds of spices and all precious stones and gold. (Ezekiel 27:22, AMPC)

Ezekiel gives us his soup recipe, which I personally would modify a bit!

Heap on wood, kindle the fire and make it hot, boil well the meat and mix the spices, pour out the broth when thick, and let the bones be burned up.  (Ezekiel 24:10, AMPC)

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