Where There is Smoke

Yes, friends, where there is smoke, there is fire. Smoke is a warning of the worse to come. Even Biblical references bring up that truth.

Run, people of Benjamin, run for your lives! Flee from Jerusalem! Sound the alarm, send up a smoke signal. Warn everyone.

(From Jeremiah 6:1, LB)

Common sense protection from the fire means that we maintain our smoke alarms. We change batteries often and definitely when that chirping sound begins. Smoke alarms wear out. Look for the best before date and beware.

We have to clean smoke alarms as well. Never drag the vacuum across the surface, but instead use a gentle dust cloth. Test the gadget regularly to be sure it is up to snuff. 

And know how to get out of the building if the alarm sounds.

Of course, there is great Biblical truth in this statement. Where there is the thought of sin, the fire of disobedience is not far behind. We must dust off our Bible, learn its truth and then live it.

Keep free from fire folks, by taking good care of your smoke alarms and your life in Christ.

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