Why Lord?

Is this you?  “Lord, I prayed for this BUT you gave me that…WHY LORD?”

Doctor Helen Roseveare was brutalized and raped on the on the mission field in Africa. She cried out, “Why, Lord?” And he answered this way.

“Are you willing to trust me with this experience even though I never tell you why?” Years later, her sharing of that story helped others suffering through the same trauma.

 Her response to difficulty was not whether it was worth it to suffer for the Gospel. For her, the real question was whether Jesus was worth it.

Sometimes, life seems unfair.  A gal in our church had breast cancer concerns. She turned out to be clear of the disease. A relative exclaimed “What did you expect!”

I expected the same thing but I didn’t get that. I had a TV show and a speaking career, yet my cancer meant major facial surgery.

But it was God’s answer for me. He gives us only good things. And frankly it has been good, even though I didn’t like the answer at the time.

What answers are you experiencing right now? Will you trust God, no matter the answer? Is Jesus worth it to you?

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